App saying "laps missing distance"

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App saying "laps missing distance"

Post by fmbo »

Hey all!

I'm looking for a clue to a following problem: on one of the cars where I have RaceCapture installed, the following message appears when I switch on the distance based-graph ("Warning. One or more of the selected laps have missing distance data").

However, the graph is still plotted and as per my understanding — distance data is present in the log.

Could you please advise, what does it mean and how it can be fixed?
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Re: App saying "laps missing distance"

Post by brentp »

This happens if the lap has distance that does not increment across the lap above a certain threshold.

Try adding a distance channel to the plot, and see how much distance changes over time across the lap.

You can also try the lap recalculation feature as described here: ... s-release/

Failing that, you can zip up your log file and we can review it as well.

Thanks for the notification!
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