Poor Communication with laptop and Megajolt/E

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Poor Communication with laptop and Megajolt/E

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Hey brent im having a couple differant issue with MegaJ. first off if it matters its a version 4 with map sensor. the laptop is windows 7 im using a prolific usb serial adapter i got off of ebay looks just like the one in the megajolt store. however dont know the exact connector number but its blue with a black link cable and came with a disc driver yesterday i was getting a time out message so today i tryed uninstalling and reinstalling the usb driver now im getting a "cant open port message" its on COM port 3 like the device manager says. windows device manager says "device working correctly" im testing it on a bench with the aid of a fully charged 12 volt battery the greene LED is working. iv herd you say that "current usb adapters are not compatible with megajolt" what other info can i give you to help me out? :shock:

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In device manager, how many different serial ports are listed? is it just one COM3 port, or is there something else?

Also, you will need to set the COM port in the configuration software to match what is in Device Manager for your USB-Serial adapter.

You can find the instructions for setting the COM port here:

let us know what you find out!
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