Runs w/o advance and will not communicate with laptop

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Runs w/o advance and will not communicate with laptop

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My VW motor runs but the ignition will not advance. This system has been in use for about 3 years or so. When I got the car out this year it just didn't seem to run very good.
I cannot get the laptop to talk to the MegaJolt.
I checked the advance and there is none.
I have gone through the "verifying signals" section and everything seems to check out except EDIS PIN 1 to ground should be 12 volts with the key on and the engine off. I have just millivolts.
I have about 5.5 volts with the engine running at this position.
The green light is illuminated on the MegaJolt.
Any suggestions?

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Did you make any progress on this or are you still stuck?
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