trouble with advance readout. and supplied cable

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trouble with advance readout. and supplied cable

Post by Ruedik »

hello i am new to this forum.
i just installed the megajolt in to my sunbeam alpine. the one problem i encounter t was with the supplied cable , the one i ordered with the adapter. after a day of troubleshooting.i found out that the the cable is wrong.the wires in the rj11 plugs are mismatched :roll:
my suggestion is,you should sell the whole kit(incl. the usb-serial adapter) then when you test the unit,with the adapters and cables that you sending to me. that way you and me are certain that everything that i bought from you is working together.
because the first thing i was looking for faulty was the usb adapter,then my wiring.tripplecheckd in the very end i looked at your cable,to find it was ng.

now my next problem. the car is idling just fine, the timing light shows 8 degree advance. the computer shows 16.
why? what do i have to look at or change?


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Post by brentp »

Hi, That is very unusual, and we apologize for the error. thank you too for the feedback.

For your timing issue, try disconnecting the Megajolt and let the EDIS module control the ignition in the default 10 degrees BTDC. If your timing light does not show 10 degrees, adjust your trigger wheel or sensor position to reflect this.

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