cant read load bin

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cant read load bin

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hello autosportlabs. i was able to open the come port by changing the comport settings (very promising) im using a real DB9 serial cable not a USB232 adapter. Anyway this MEGAJOLT was removed out of a running vehicle about 5 years ago and placed on a shelf away from any moisture. so before i hardwire it into another vehicle i want to confirm its still functioning correct and what i dont understand is im getting no live data from the load bin. Also can Megajolt read system Voltage? could you take look a screen shot and tell me what im doing wrong?
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Hi, it looks like you're not able to communicate at all - see the "Timeout.." message at the bottom of the window.

Double check the COM port in device manager and then ensure the software settings match that.

Also, ensure the unit has 9-12v power through the molex connector; if testing on the bench you can use a 9v battery.

Let us know what you find out!
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