No rpm despite PIP signal is ok

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No rpm despite PIP signal is ok

Post by jesusito_fr »

Hi everyone,

I need your help as I don't have any idea on what to check furthermore.

The car is a Golf mk2.

We installed and ran Megajolt few days ago with no major issues.
Communication between MJ and PC was ok and we saw advance live.
The major problem was that there was no rpm limit neither hard nor soft.
In order to make hard cut operational we relocated + to coil from EDIS to MJ.
At some point we realized that there was no rpm in the tacho and subsequently in the MJ.

EDIS works with limp home.
PIP square signal from EDIS to MJ checked. 12 volt perfect square.

PIP and SAW connection triple checked, pins, resistance....

PIP-SAW wire shield to pin 7 and VR wire shield. Also to EDIS ground (8?).

There's no way to see MJ rpm led on, no rpm on software, no SAW, no advance.

Is there any way to check MJ board?

I have checked MOLEX pin to the board and it is OK.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: No rpm despite PIP signal is ok

Post by brentp »

Can you confirm that you can read the load value (TPS or MAP sensor) in the software and you can read/write configuration - but no RPM signal?

Note, PIP signal to Megajolt is 5v, not 12v. You may have a mis-wiring on the EDIS plug. Try to double check the wiring against our installation guide.
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