Evo X canbus mapping

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Likewise we are appreciative as well!

We asked Paulo for a copy of the latest 'good' script so we can load it as a setup preset for the setup wizard. Also will need a nice EvoX pic for the preset preview!
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Re: Evo X canbus mapping

Post by Gwigga »

Raising this one again hoping someone can help.

I have an Evo X SST and im trying to capture the Manual mode gear positions 1,2,3,4,5,6 to display on an aftermarket Digi dash

Have an ADU5 digital dash that requires Can Message Objects, I can log using Evoscan from the OBD2 port and using an openport cable using the below requests, only they are not Hex and im stuck on where to go now.
CAN 31-0 (Gear Position Sensor)
49 = Manual Mode 1st
50 = Manual Mode 2nd
51 = Manual Mode 3rd
52 = Manual Mode 4th
53 = Manual Mode 5th
54 = Manual Mode 6th
So in short im 75% sure I can get what I want from the OBD2 port as I have managed it with one method (Evoscan) Im just unsure of how to get the actual proper message objects etc

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