Holley Terminator X ECU

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Holley Terminator X ECU

Post by parid »

Working on a new build and I'm researching engine control options. We're likely to get a stand alone and are hoping to get it pluged into our race capture with can bus.

Our #1 pick right now is a Holley Terminator X. Initial research is not promising. The ECU does have a canbus interface for their digital dashes and ingratiation with racepak.

The word seems to be that they won't release any of their spec and its some kind of proprietary protocol. https://forums.holley.com/showthread.ph ... tocol-type

I did find this spec: https://documents.holley.com/230-vm-efihol.pdf
Its for the dominator, which I think is closely related to the terminator.

Playing with a data logger doesn't' scare me too bad, but I would hate to buy this ECU to find out it really is unworkable.

Anyone have any experience in this area?

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Post by brentp »

If you already have the ECU you can try using the RaceCapture logging script to see if the output data matches what you think it might emit based on that documentation.

Otherwise, you may consider an ECU that has more open documentation. There's a wide variety of choices.

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