Saab or Cobalt SS maps?

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Saab or Cobalt SS maps?

Post by verbowski »

Hi - I'm new to racecapture, and was wondering (hoping) someone may have some experience mapping the CAN or OBDII items for a Saab 93 (or 95) 2003+?

Perhaps the Cobalt SS items are similar?


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Re: Saab or Cobalt SS maps?

Post by aidenjackson11 »

Don't worry here you will get a solution to every problem but after a while so keep calm and wait for a solution.

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Re: Saab or Cobalt SS maps?

Post by brentp »

You mean a Chevy Cobalt, right?
We don't have a mapping for that, but you can possibly figure it out using this technique: ... el-speeds/

With Saab - if it's the CAN bus we're thinking about, it uses a non-standard baud rate and is not compatible with RaceCapture. Please double-check this and let us know.
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