TireX Can2 Mapping for AIM Racestudio3

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TireX Can2 Mapping for AIM Racestudio3

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Good evening,

I am working on installing these sensors on a car running an AIM MXL2 dash as well as a Podium Connect Device. I am very new to CAN mapping. Has anyone successfully created the Can2 mapping for these to work within Racestudio3? Will I be able to send this to the podium Connect as well? The Podium Connect device is connected thru CAN1 Via a can expansion pack from AIM. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: TireX Can2 Mapping for AIM Racestudio3

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As far as I know you can send it to podium Connect but I don't know how to do it exactly.

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Re: TireX Can2 Mapping for AIM Racestudio3

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RS3 allows you to freely map CAN data from any device using the tools they provide. We have a partially working mapping (which has only left front defined). We are working on making the rest of the tire corners / zones enabled.

This mapping will go into CAN2 on the AIM system - which is reserved for external / 3rd party devices. You can also bridge this connection to CAN2 on the PodiumConnect system, so both the AIM and the PodiumConnect can see the data simultaneously.

The main PodiumConnect cable plus into the AIM hub to get the "other" regular data from the AIM system, such as speed, GPS, and engine sensors.

We will follow up here when we have that mapping complete.
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