Suggestions for MJLJ or MJ2 Configurator software.

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Suggestions for MJLJ or MJ2 Configurator software.

Post by bobclevenger »

Obviously if it connects via Bluetooth it needs to be able to up/down-load map data.

The advance matrix (bunch o' bins) needs to expand with the window.

The window needs Hot Buttons to start a quick log and to mark a position (simulated space bar). No keyboard on a tablet.

All the main buttons need to be big enough to use with a finger tap on a tablet or smartphone.

There should be a preference that the user can set to make the quick log function either create dated logs (as is currently done) or create one generic log that is overwritten each time a log is recorded. This is mainly to save on the storage requirements which may be scarce on a tablet or a smartphone.

It would be nice if the program were more tolerant of having the COM port set wrong.

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