New style Ford coil pack (wasted spark) 101

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New style Ford coil pack (wasted spark) 101

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Below are some observations - I'm a Newbie so take them with some skepticism.

Sometime between the early 90s and 2000, Ford created a "new style" wasted spark coil pack that: 1) was smaller and lighter; 2) mounted naturally flush to a flat surface; and 3) used more conventional spark plug wire connections.

For U.S. marketed vehicles, this new style pack apparently comes in at least 2 versions - maybe more. But physically they look identical (save the possibility of a sticker that labels the terminals). Rock Auto shows, for model year 2001 (and subsequent years), the Escape and Focus (DOHC) with the Motorcraft part DG536 (Denso 6736006) - about $78 (about $45). For the same (and subsequent years) this parts jobber lists for the Ranger, the Motorcraft part DG544 (Denso 6736009) and in each case the part is about $7.00 cheaper.

I do not know what the difference is in these two part profiles. Perhaps the only difference is that the cylinder firing locations are "reversed". If one looks at images online, there is a sticker on some products that would suggest that the 1-4 and/or 2-3 terminal locations are reversed between the two part numbers. Don't know if that would amount to $7, but anything is possible.

So, for the V-8 crowd, I'd suggest two packs from a Ranger or two packs from the non-Ranger side, just to keep the part numbers and cylinder locations identical. I harvested a DG536 (from PickNPull) out of a Ford Focus over the weekend and will need to find another one from a non-Ranger vehicle to keep everything the same. On the one I harvested, both primary circuits tested to .6 Ohms and both secondaries tested to 11.4K Ohms. This consistency gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Of course, other wasted spark coil packs can be used but this new style fits my application quite well. Mounted flush on the firewall, the spark plug wires point straight forward toward the end goal - the spark plug. In engineering terms, somewhat elegant.

Just as an aside, Rock Auto can be helpful in narrowing down which vehicle/engine combinations have what you need. And while not absolutely accurate in all cases, they normally have a useful picture of the part to help you confirm what the data seems to be telling you. Below are Rock Auto listings of the vehicles where two versions of the new style coil pack is used. Regarding the V-8 Ford vehicles, it looks like they mostly went from old style to COP, skipping the new style. That won't keep a Megajolt enthusiest from using 2 of them with an EDIS8.

Buyer's Guide : DENSO 6736006 Ignition Coil
FORD CONTOUR 1999-2000
FORD ESCAPE 2001-2004
FORD FOCUS 2000-2004

Buyer's Guide : DENSO 6736009 Ignition Coil
FORD RANGER 2001-2011
MAZDA 6 2003-2005
MAZDA B2300 2001-2009

I hope this helps someone down the road.

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Re: New style Ford coil pack (wasted spark) 101

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Thanks for the write-up! We've found that the flat more modern coil packs work just fine.
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