MJE MK2 MAP - trigger sensor suitability

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MJE MK2 MAP - trigger sensor suitability

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Like many, I appreciate the fact that we can cobble together various components to get a complete set-up running. Used is often free or cheap and may or may not cause problems. I picked up for free, a camshaft sensor off an engine already pulled, so no idea of year, from a
Mazda 6, 2.3 NA petrol.

It is actually a FoMoCo part so I could be in luck here

It is marked in microscopic and rough cast characters so may be an error

PA 66 GF30
6M8G - 12K073

I am hoping this will be suitable. I have been reading too much I think, finding there are digital and analogue CAS, resulting in different wave patterns on oscilliiscopes I believe, so don't want to be fabricating a mount for an inoperable sensor.

It is attracted to my trigger wheel, so , magnetic and has three pins in its socket.

Can anyone confirm that what I have will do the job as required for my MJE MK2 MAP set up please?

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Re: MJE MK2 MAP - trigger sensor suitability

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Best way is to try it and find out if it generates the correct signal. Note, that the sensor is polarity sensitive.

Since you are coloring outside of the lines, you'll want to have an oscilloscope handy to confirm it's making the correct sine-wave shaped waveform, since EDIS needs a VR sensor, not a hall effect sensor (which produces square waves).

Report back and let us know!
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