misfire in wet

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misfire in wet

Post by mini-sprite »

Why would I get a misfire when its wet on the road, ive had problems before with a misfire but that was down to position and flex of crank sensor bracket.

Its been fine for a while but now when it rains I have terrible problems. In the dry its great.

I thought all the problems of having a classic mini with a dizzy and the wet weather problems would be behind me after fitting Megajolt :D .


david jenkins
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Post by david jenkins »

Rainwater and electrics don't mix! (why am I telling a mini owner that? :) ).

The only answer would be to make sure that all cables and connectors are away from the front of the engine, or behind the plastic screen if you've got one of those, and fit waterproof connectors (or waterproof boots). Not sure what you can do about the coil, apart from putting it in a tupperware box (which is what the LandRover people do for 4x4 competition vehicles).

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