Dump the Old Technology

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Dump the Old Technology

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So last March my smog test came due and I failed... Again! I just cannot continue to use this 30 year old mikuni black box technology anymore. I want to control my engine so it runs as efficiently as possible.

If i remove the distributor and replace it with the EDIS/Megajolt combo is there a bolt on Throttle Body EFI system out there that can manage a 156 Cubic Inch 4 Cylinder engine? Is there anything out there that's easy to implement?

I looked into using a MSD Atomic because its such a simple conversion but people are saying that the my engine CFM is not high enough at idle for the Atomic to manage.

I am technical enough to handle fairly difficult tasks but i would like to know if my situation has a simple answer before I start heading down paths that require purchasing expensive equipment.

I would be grateful to hear any suggestions.

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Hi, thanks for checking in. With the Megajolt system it's just crank fired ignition. if you want fuel and spark, you may look into the Megasquirt.

Having said that, with well tuned carbs and upgraded ignition, you'll be surprised how well your engine will run!
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