V8 Two Stroke Ignition

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V8 Two Stroke Ignition

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I am building a race car here in UK using a V8 - TWO STOKE. This needs 8 cylinder sparks per revolution firing at 45 degree crank angles. The firing order is 12345678 with cylinders 1357 on one bank and 2468 on the other. I am using carbs - eight new Mikuni so its only ignition that I need.

Normally this engine has a CDI ignition system with flywheel/magnet generated AC power, control system, manual advance/retard + 8 individual coils.

I am also using a CVT transmission and fitting the primary pulley directly onto the crankshaft (where the flywheel normally locates)

So I am looking for a replacement ignition system.

It appears that I could fit a Megajolt + two EDIS8 modules, a 36-1 trigger wheel, two sensors spaced 45 degrees apart plus 8 new coils & TPS.

Anyone done this? - Any advice or comment - which ignition coils to use?
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Not sure if this is possible, but sounds like you have a handle on it. Good news is you can run the engine at the default 10 degrees that the EDIS module enables. If the engine run smoothly, you can then invest in the megajolt system to control ignition advance.

let us know what you find out!
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