User outputs Megajolt/E

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User outputs Megajolt/E

Post by Lee James Hunter »

Hi, I'm having trouble with my user outputs, just bench testing at the moment (engine not in & running) My Megajolt system is installed with a temp sensor set up correctly. I'm using 2 user outputs as Aux Temp outputs one as a fan control at 95degC & the other as a warm up Led light inverted to turn off at 70degC. Is it right that they won't behave properly until the engine is running. If I simulate heat on the temp sensor the warm up Led stays on past 70degC & the fan control wont activate after the 95degC set point. This setup always works on a running engine in the past, or do I have a faulty output chip/Megajolt unit? Cheers Lee.

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Post by brentp »

Yes, you will need a running engine for outputs to trigger. Do they trigger correctly when the engine is running?
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User outputs Megajolt/E

Post by iclark »

I have not tried the user limits with the engine running. My system will run the map sensor input to drive a lamp with the engine stopped. I am trying to use the temperature sensor to drive a warning light. I will have to wait until the engine is back in the car.

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