miss fire on EDIS-8

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miss fire on EDIS-8

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I have coil A on pin#8 Coil B on pin#9 Coil C on pin #11 and coil D on pin# 12, When I check the timing on each coil I get 10* on A 270* on B 90* on C and 180 on D.
When I change the coils to A on pin #8 B on pin# 11 C on pin#12 D on pin# 9 when I check timing on each coil I got 10 on pin# 8 90* on pin# 9 180* on pin# 11 and 270* on pin# 12
Is there a issue with the EDIS or VR ?

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A VR sensor problem would show up as an intermittent misfiring on an otherwise smoothly running engine.

If it's continuously missing, then you probably have a wiring issue with the coil pack. *Possibly* the EDIS-8 might be bad, but it's very likely a mis-wiring.

Let us know what you find out -
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