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megajolt communication alternative...

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I have recently got hold of a second hand Megajolt/E (I think this is also called a V4?)
Unfortunately it didn't come with a serial cable or converter, or anything useful.
So I don't have any cables, and the port on the Megajolt is RJ11.

After some forum searching, I think I need a RJ11-DB9 serial adapter. I am correct in thinking this has no intelligence and is a simple wire to wire job?
Then I also need a DB9-USB serial converter. This does contain intelligence and effectively converts the serial to a signal that my PC can read through USB? Apologies, electronics is not my specialty.

If I am going to spend money on these 2 cables, why not buy something like this, and wire it inside the Megajolt, and then use a standard USB cable? Or am I missing something? ... -to-serial

Alternatively, lose the cable entirely and find a Bluetooth module. I found a few posts relating to this, but wondered whether anyone has a successful and simple solution to the Bluetooth option?

Any help or advice appreciated,

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Hi, you can create a cable between RJ11 and the DB9 connector following this guide: ... rial_Cable

Then, this cable can connect to a USB to serial adapter, if needed.

Hope this helps!
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