Knpck Sensors

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Knpck Sensors

Post by garrycol »

The MegaJolt information does not mention it so I assume it does not have knock sensor input - so to retard ignition if knock occurs.

Is my assumption correct - might be something to add for later versions.



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Re: Knpck Sensors

Post by EA82GT »

Canberra eh? What a small world ! I have a MJ on its way to 2607 soon, and asked this question direct to Brent and the answer being to be conservative in your timing programming.
I have read of Vampire 2 being a knock control system to add to these crank fired adaptations, but sounds unnecessary expense if above suggestion works. My knock tends to come in about the 5000 rpm mark currently before my timing retard ignition gear comes into play. I may end up doing a boost drop using a rev sensor unit from Jaycar, switching to a low boost above say 4900

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