One EDIS4 - two 4 cylinder coil packs ???

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One EDIS4 - two 4 cylinder coil packs ???

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Newbie here.

Can a single EDIS4 simultaneously run two 4 cylinder coil packs (output from pins 10 and 11 branched to two coil packs)? This possible configuration would be applicable to a 4 cylinder engine that has two spark plugs per cylinder. If using just one VR and the EDIS4 signal is robust enough to run two coils, then the timing to the spark plugs would be automatically identical.

What do we know about the signal that the EDIS4 sends to the primary circuit of the coil(s)?? If doing double duty, is the EDIS4 likely to have a shorter lifespan? I'm thinking the rise in secondary voltage is controlled by the coil circuitry - all that is needed is the signal into the primary circuit?

Okay, I'm in well over my head. I look forward to some insight from others. Thanks in advance.

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Re: One EDIS4 - two 4 cylinder coil packs ???

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This configuration is not recommended, sorry.
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Re: One EDIS4 - two 4 cylinder coil packs ???

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I may be using two coil packs, just one side of each, to keep HT lead lengths shorter than what might be needed on a flat 4 with one coil pack mounted far rear one side

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