Firmware 3.1 installed and working

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Firmware 3.1 installed and working

Post by brentp »

I flashed my megajolt Monday with the 3.1 firmware took it for a drive
So far I got 100 v3.1 kilos on the clock with no problems

Lets make this tread an v3.1 feedback tread

Any one got the map switching working wil try it soon

wel so far the car is alot smoother since i installed my megajolt and no more points bounce rock solid idling also LOL
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Post by Ivan »

How does one print out his map on paper or the tuning diagram on paper to
compare between different maps?

In windows programs there is a print command under the file pulldown.....

I hope that this is not something that I've missed, otherwise you can call me stupid!!!


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Post by hammy »

Hi you can import megajolt maps into Excel and print/graph them from there.
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Post by Ivan »

Wouln'd it be easyer to have a print button or in the File pulldown?

I would like to place the grafs next to eachother to compare where
they have changed.

Ok Exel works in tables but what with the grafs will they transport/look the same as in Megajolt?

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