Configurtor 3.2.1 upgrade

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Configurtor 3.2.1 upgrade

Post by mikaking »

I have had the MJLJ for a while now , no problems.

Have just burnt the new firmware to the MJLJ box and downloaded the 3.2.1 configurator. The PC and MJLJ are reading eachother fine but now the configurator has a standing reading of 457rpm, it is not connected to the car. is this right? With 3.0.0 the revs showed 0 in the same condition. :?:

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Post by brentp »

It seems the behaviour has changed in the RPM display between the two versions, but what the 3.2.1 software is showing is the minimum measurable RPM (or 'cranking' RPM). The 3.0 software was masking this and just showing zero, but the same thing was happening as well.

In other words, You're O.K. :) Obviously, let us know if you have problems seeing the RPM reading while the engine is running.

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