flashing the chip

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flashing the chip

Post by Josh_b »

will we be able to flash the new firmware with the chip still in the MJLJ? via serial port similar to proggraming the mjlj? im a bit confused?? (easily done!) where is the flash utility?

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Sussed it

Post by viatron »

download hc08sprg.exe from the downloads section and the latest firmware as well mjlJunior.s19

connect the board with the chip on it but leave powered off
go to a command prompt an change to the directory that you saved the 2 files to.
Type the following command line, it presumes that you have the board attached to com port 1
"hc08sprg 1:? 9600 mjlJunior.s19"
For com port 2 use
"hc08sprg 2:? 9600 mjlJunior.s19"

You should now see the following
"Waiting for HC08 reset ACK..."

Now power up the board and you shold see a load of stuff followed by:
"Are you sure to program part? [y/N]:"
Obviously now you choose Y or N, presuming you choose Y you should now see:
"Memory programmed: 100%"

Jobs done, this is whaat i just did on mine and all seems ok so far, own risk, no reponsibility etc etc etc etc etc as usual!

Todd Charles
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OK, I am first to admit I am

Post by Todd Charles »

OK, I am first to admit I am a bit thick when it comes to stuff like this. So far, regarding these instructions (or Brents), I can only get as far as "go to a command prompt and change to the directory that you saved the 2 files to". I know what this means (I think) but I can't accomplish it.

I run Win XP and the command prompt starts with "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>". This is as far as I can get. I cannot change directorys.

My files are on my desktop at this time. Do I need to place them in a different file so I can access and run them? I realize this is basic stuff for some of you but I have no idea what to do next. Thanks for any help or direction.


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Welcome to DOS. Please relinquish your soul.

Post by Paratime »

To change directories at the command prompt, type
then "enter" key

keep repeating until you get to the letter prompt. This is the "go back one directory level" command.

If you need to change the drive letter, (which you probably don't) type it thus:

enter key

to change to the D drive

now type the name of the first folder that your program is in, example, to change to the MJLJ folder, type

enter key.

repeat for each (if any) subfolders to reach your program.
you can check if you are in the right place by typing

enter key

this should list the programs you are looking for. If not, keep looking!

Reaching the desktop can be an annoyingly long path. If you can do so, I would recommend making a new folder directly in the C drive, and moving your programs there. This can be done in "My Computer" or "Explore", whichever you feel more comfortable with. If you need directions for this, please post again.

Todd Charles
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First, thankyou very much for

Post by Todd Charles »

First, thankyou very much for the excellent instructions! This helped very much. I should have done a Google search and taught myself a few basic DOS commands before posting my pathetic question!

DOS is very unforgiving to slight errors in syntax as I have learned. I fought this for the last couple days without much luck and was ready to post my failure until I read your instructions one last time and it finally sunk thru my thick skull. This is what I basically did and it worked for me. I hope this helps someone else. I am running windows XP.

Place the 2 files into folder under "owner" labled "mj2"

Open command prompt

hook board to com1 but do not power up

type 'cd mj2' enter

type 'hc08sprg COM1 mjlJunior-3.0.0-beta.s19' enter

Will see "waiting for hco8 reset ACK"

power up board

follow intructions and answer "yes"

Note: be sure to save map before reprogamming.

Reprogram map using Configurator software.


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