Bug fix for V4/V3/V2 Interpolation issue

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Bug fix for V4/V3/V2 Interpolation issue

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A bug has been identified where linear interpolation does not occur between the highest two bins of the RPM and Load Axis, and between last two bins of the Advance Correction table (V4 controller)

This is a long-standing bug affecting all existing versions of V2, V3 and V4 firmware.

The problem is most apparent if there is a large spread between the two highest bins and corresponding ignition advance values in the map: without linear interpolation, a large step will occur between bins rather than the normal smooth transition. Most ignition maps have a small change in advance between bins in the upper range, so the bug typically has negligible impact.

For V4 controllers, we have released a V4.0.1 firmware image; available in the downloads section: http://www.autosportlabs.net/MJLJ_V4_Downloads

For V3/V2 controllers, we are planning on rolling up this fix into the next major version of the firmware where we bring in the features added in V4. Timing for this fix is approximately two weeks. If this is a concern for anyone, we can provide an interim bugfix release.

Thanks to MartinM for catching this one! :)
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i say Martin "eagle eyes" M. nice.

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