Zetec running

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Ra Ra Rasputin
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Zetec running

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A work colleague and I have just run a 1.8 Ford Zetec (130PS) using MJLJ.
The engine is installed in his Ford Cortina Mk1 and is fuelled by twin Weber 40 DCOE's.
Initially we had the coil wiring the wrong way around, but swapping the plug leads over had the thing running pretty well (for the short run we gave it) considering that the carbs are jetted for a different engine (as is so often the case!) and the cooling system is unfilled.
The wiring is very temporary, strewn over the engine bay with bullet connectors everywhere, but once he's happy with it there's a new loom to be made.
We're located near Rugby, UK.

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good effort lads

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Mine system is comming together slowly still trying to sorce the parts in the uk where did you get your bits and pecies together from ?

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Here and there

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I ordered the PCB and processor from Brent some time ago.

The MAP sensor was sourced from <a href="http://www.skpang.co.uk/boost_guage.htm">SK Pang Electronics.</a>
They're quite expensive, but at the time it seemed the best option.

All the remaining components were from <a href="http://www.farnell.co.uk">Farnell.</a>
There's a minimum order value of £20.

The molex connector we decided to do without on the grounds that it is just too difficult to get hold of plug, socket and crimps in small quantities and at a reasonable price in the UK.
Instead, we mounted the PCB in an aluminium instrument enclosure from <a href="http://www.maplin.co.uk/">Maplin Electronics</a> and wired it up to two <a href="http://www.maplin.co.uk/search.aspx?Men ... 3">chassis mount locking multi-pole connectors</a>.
We have the essential 4 wires going to one connector and the rest to another connector (7 way I think).

Hope this helps.

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I too have a zetec running in a Tiger Kit car. I live in Rugby and was wondering if you like to meet up and discuss setup's.

My website for info is


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map sensors

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£25 is OTT... I can get them through work for aprox. £15 each, but I have to buy 20 at a time...

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