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transmission controller 4L80E transmission
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Post transmission controller 4L80E transmission 
hello everyone , new guy here
i was hoping someone could point me to the right direction or help me out some other way

i was wondering if you can make a transmission controller for a 4L80E electronioc transmission
the transmission has two solenoids for shifting the four gears
a on / b off = first
a off / b off = second
a off / b on = thirth
a on / b on = fourth
on the 4l80e these dont get pulsed they either on or off
my guess is this can be controlled by setting a 2 sets of minimum / maximum rpm between shifts switched by engine vacuum and trottle position (lazy low rpm shift or high rpm shift / downshift at full trottle overtake)
so full trottle should activate downshift kickdown as whell
there allso is a 3th solenoid controlling line pressure / shift harshness this gets pulsed by the original computer depending on trottle position engine vacuum and prolly the speed of the vehicle
and there is a 4th solenoid controlling the lock up converter
that one only activates in fourth gear when the engine is at cruising speed
it should turn off when braking stepping on the gas or downshifting , i think other than that engine vacuum should be a pretty good indicator for when to turn it on

i know its been done before , megasquirt has a setup and the software is freely available on the internet , the gpio board unfortunately is not and you need to put it together youreself
there a few other companies that make stand alone systems and they start at 550 dollar
for wat the board needs to do there must be a cheaper way

i allready found that a ardiuno board can do the shifting cycle up and down using 2 pushbuttons
and theres a kit available that replaces the linepressure solenoid with a vacuum modulator
the lockup can be operated with a toggleswitch
wat i still need is to make it fully automatic

i guess a lot of the commands are simulair to those used by a ecu to enrich mixture turn on the extra feulpump turn on the electric fan operate launch controll operate the airbleedvalve top controll stationairy rpm and stuff like that wat i could use is a cheap ecu or a program for the arduino that can do it all

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