no fire, or tach

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no fire, or tach

Post by arlanfalk »

hi, i am installing this on a sbf 5.0, i have an 97 mountaineer balancer with the timing marks and
using the crank sensor,
i have the two coil packs of the megajolt website.

ive tried two different edis-8 controllers and 2 different kps's . and still no luck
to troubleshoot i guess you can run the edis-8 without hooking up to the megajolt and it should run at 10deg (limp home)

are these crank position sensors compatibile? any ideas?

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Post by brentp »


Apologies for the late reply. You should definitely use the Ford VR sensor for best operation.

Here is a handy reference for verifying voltages: ... tion_Steps

Yes; the EDIS module will control the engine in the default 10 degrees 'limp home' mode.

Please let us know the latest on your testing!
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