Maximum reccurence rate of OnTick only 30Hz? Why?

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Maximum reccurence rate of OnTick only 30Hz? Why?

Post by akademik »

Hi All,

I was a bit shocked as I tried my first setup that the maximum rate of calculations is only 30Hz.
This does not make sense to me at all and is a massive blocking point. I´mean why to have high-speed CAN interface and high-speed analogue inputs and then limit the possibilities to read these value to only 30Hz? :shock: :shock:

Is there a way to gain this? Perhaps directly in the firmware?


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Post by Mash »

Already updated to 1000hz

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Post by rdoherty »

In firmware version 2.9.0 it has been increased to 1000hz, along with many other improvements. You can download it here, thanks!
Ryan Doherty
Autosports Labs

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