Track Detection Pop-Up Occurs at Inconvenient Times and More

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Track Detection Pop-Up Occurs at Inconvenient Times and More

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First I wanted to say that we used the RCP for the first time during an actual race this past weekend at Pitt Race. It worked great! Post-race analysis showed us where our drivers could improve their technique and lap times.

However, one issue we had was that the track detection screen would pop up after a driver change either as he is leaving the pit or on an out lap. With racing gloves and a capacitive tablet there was no way to exit this screen.

The data on the SD card was still fine including lap times. This leads me to believe the RCP detected the track fine, but the driver couldn't see any information on the tablet as he/she did their stint due to the pop-up asking "are you at this track?" This seemed to only happen twice out of 10 stints. We tried to turn the kill switch on before they left the pit and verify GPS lock before going out. After one of these times the app on the tablet seemed frozen and I had to close and re-open it to get everything going again.

In chump car we have to use a kill switch during fuel stops. I did not try using an external battery to keep RCP on during the stop because I have a timer for how long the driver has been in the car that is based on RCP uptime. This is reset when power is cycled during the stop.

The other issue I had was the best lap time not always being reset between driver changes. In most cases it would reset when we cycled power during a stop (Tablet would stay on due to its own battery). During my last stint the best lap time was stuck at 2.2 seconds. During an on track incident that brought out a red flag I tried to cycle power to clear it, but no luck.

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