SpecE46 in Colorado

Stop by and say hello! Tell us what you drive, what race series you participate in and how you want to use Race Capture to help you go faster. Pics will get you +5HP!
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SpecE46 in Colorado

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Hi All,

I'm finishing my SpecE46 (BMW 330Ci) build in sunny Fort Collins, CO. I'm planning on using the RaceCapture due to it open source approach and remote telemetry. I have used data logging form nearly 10 years via traqmate. I looked at AIM and other options before choosing RaceCapture. Since I'm a programmer, I plan on trying to get live feed back during driving via the x2 lights (I got two). I'm hoping to be able to calculate a reasonable slip angle live so that I can get feed back during a turn as to how close I'm to the limit. Once I get installed and running, I'll post a topic over in sensor/scripting to show progress.


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Thanks for your support! Got pics of your race car?
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