New user from Southern California

Stop by and say hello! Tell us what you drive, what race series you participate in and how you want to use Race Capture to help you go faster. Pics will get you +5HP!
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New user from Southern California

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Hello all!

I just finished installing my Racecapture/Track MK2 into my 1999 Miata track car. Everything went well and I have the unit interfaced with my MegaSquirt MSPNP2 on the CAN bus. I ran into a few stumbling blocks along the way and I will pass along the key bits that allowed the RaceCapture to see the CAN data. Start off by hooking up the Racecapture CAN bus ethernet cable Orange and Green/White to pins 11 and 12 on your MSPNP2 options connector.

I would definitely recommend using a laptop and downloading the Windows version of the Racecapture software for initial configuration. The Android version was very frustrating for me when trying to bounce back and forth between the dashboard and setup screens when trying to get the CAN mapping set up. Once you get everything working, you can save your Racecapture setup and transfer it over to your phone or tablet.

Every other issue I had was related to the Megasquirt configuration. First off, make sure you have a new-ish firmware version on your Megasquirt (3.4 or up). I made the mistake of assuming mine was new enough since I just installed my Megasquirt about a year ago. After the firmware update, some new options became available in TunerStudio under the CAN section. This allowed me to enable the Real Time CAN broadcasting and select all the fields I wanted my Megasquirt to push out over CAN bus. The Baud rate of the Racecapture also needs to be set to 500k in the setup section of the Racecapture software.

The only other issue I had was the default CAN mapping of the AFR field does not read actual AFR from my wideband, but shows the AFR target value from your Megasquirt tune. Changing the mapping for the AFR field to CAN ID 1523, offset 4, length 2 fixed that problem.

My next track day is on the 1st of September. I will report back and let you all know how things went!

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Hi, welcome, and thanks for the note! Yes, having a keyboard and mouse certainly speeds things up, but you can still make any change you need from your mobile device, in the field - you don't *need* to connect a laptop to make configuration changes.
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