Self contained, high quality, "CAN" transducer/enc

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Self contained, high quality, "CAN" transducer/enc

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Brent, what am I missing here? Do you sell self contained sendors that speak "CAN"? I need much better reliability than an adapted bare board solution provides. I am not comfortable using home grown packaging solutions, therefor I am not comfortable with the AnalogX. A little more "aerospace like" canister that is hermetically sealed, vibration proofed, and manufactured to IOS9001 standards would work better for me. Does this ... r-mo1-can/ self contained transducer/sending unit speak a dialect of "CAN" that your Racecapture/APEX understands? If not, then are there ANY well manufacture self contained "CAN" encoders available that do work with the APEX.

Additionally what is the status of AutoSportLabs and the Racecapture project? The forum is and has been very quite for a long time now? Am I safe to make a significant investment in a number of units....not from your point of view but MINE please.

Thank You.

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The AnalogX is designed to be an low cost Analog to CAN converter that can be embedded into an existing system, or placed in your own enclosure - we make this very clear in the documentation. If you need something different, there are many choices on the market, and we can map any CAN bus protocol using our tools:

If you'd like to keep up on the status of our projects, be sure to see our blog here:

We have many projects in the works including software enhancements, and the new ShiftX3 sequential shift light, which is on pre-order.

We have a growing Facebook support group with over 600 members that is very active; it tends to be a better venue for fluid discussions, and is likely drawing people away from the forums to a degree. We will always have the forums since we still want to maintain an independent community from Facebook.

Hope this helps!
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