OBDII Legacy Adapter to AIM Solo2 DL?

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OBDII Legacy Adapter to AIM Solo2 DL?

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Your website mentions that the OBDII Legacy adapter works with certain AIM products. As the owner of a OBDII BMW E36 M3 I'm wondering if there's a way to use this adapter to get some data from the computer into a SOLO2 DL. Specifically, I'd love to have at least throttle position sensor and RPM. Is this possible?

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In theory, it would work, in theory, since it makes the car appear as if it has a CAN OBDII interface.

This was tested with a motec system, but there was a problem where the Motec system would request the next OBDII PID before the current PID was complete. This was causing confusion with the system.

If the AIM system only requested the next PID after the current PID is complete, it should work fine.

Hope this helps!
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