Is my TPS working? CBR600 F4 1999

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Is my TPS working? CBR600 F4 1999

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Godd afternoon lads,

Have a smallish problem. There are three connections on the TPS.

On megajolt software, the TPS goes up to 100% when I press the pedal full.

Does this mean TPS load is working properly?

Theres a green box on the ignition map that doesnt move much when I press the pedal fully down.

My idle is okay
When I open up the throttle good the AFR is good
But for some reason at very light throttle the AFR is very very rich, 11.5 and seems bogged down in power.

So for example if im going up a really steep hill. LIght throttle 11.3 AFR , then press throttle about half way then AFR jumps to 13.5-14.0


No boost or anything, Naturally aspirated.

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