RaceCapture App 1.15.1 released

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RaceCapture App 1.15.1 released

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We are excited to announce the latest app and firmware is now available, with many fixes and features - many of them have been requested by our community.

Highlights include direc USB OTG to Android (no Bluetooth or WiFi needed) ; Metric / Imperial support for GPS speed / distance; and many more. See the blog for details.
https://www.autosportlabs.com/now-avail ... -features/

Change log summary

* Setup: Add support for metric / imperial units for GPS Speed, GPS Altitude and calculated Distance channels
* Setup: Add ability to adjust smoothing level for IMU channels. Refine Screen layout
* Setup: Add button under Setup/Firmware for rebooting the device
* Setup: Add button under setup/Firmware for resetting factory defaults
* Setup: Update Cellular APN presets
* Dashboard: Add 30 and 60 second options for minimize delay for popup alerts
* Dashboard: Ensure gauge color is checked and set immediately after creating alert rule
* Dashboard: Add setting to enable/disable remote page switching from ShiftX2/3 devices
* Dashboard: Enhanced track selector, allows correction of track map selection
* Dashboard: Add ability under dashboard options to reset lap stats, resetting predictive timer, lap counts and SessionTime.
* Dashboard: Ensure all dashboard editor popups auto-dismiss after a period of inactivity
* Dashboard: Format Utc as Time of Day
* iOS: Prevent lockup when soft keyboard pops up
* Core: Add System channel for SessionTime, to display current length of session.
* Core: Add USB OTG connectivty for Android (Experimental)

= 2.16.0=
* IMU: Add real-time Gsum channel
* Core: Add metric/imperial switches for calculated Distance, GPS Speed, GPS Altitude
* Core: Add ability to reset lap session via Lua or API (RaceCaptureApp)
* Core: API to reset lap stats (via RaceCapture app)
* Lua: Add resetLapStats() function to resetLapStats via scripting
* LapStats: Add SessionTime channel
* Telemetry: Add support for SARA R4 Cat M1 LTE
* Telemetry: Speed up telemetry re-connect by not immediately power-cycling modem after a disconnect.
* OBDII: Honor the CAN bus channel selected for OBDII broadcast and receive

May 23, 2019
Brent Picasso
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