Steering and Brake Channels for 20118 Camaro

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Steering and Brake Channels for 20118 Camaro

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Hi There!

I have been trying to configure our RaceCapture and SoloStorm to track Steering and Braking. I have added these two channels to the GM pre-select and have inputted various formula and other parameters that have been suggested on various forums. I still cannot get any Brake or Steering Data.

Have any of you encountered the same problem?

More importantly, do any of you have the correct numbers and formula that will allow me to access this data.

Also, have any of you managed to connect SoloStorm to RaceCapture over Bluetooth. I can connect via Bluetooth but no data is transmitted. The only thing that works is WiFi, but I have been told that a functioning Bluetooth connection is required to access all information.

Thanks in advance

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We have an updated OBDII reference guide here, which will help you with extended OBDII channels:

For SoloStorm questions, please contact the Petrel Data - they will be happy to help with any questions.
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