Bluetooth / USB to Eonon Android Headunit in E46 Issues

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Bluetooth / USB to Eonon Android Headunit in E46 Issues

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I finally got everything wired for my RaceCapture/Track in my E36 330. I've been using one of these units in a racecar I rent and I feel in love with it.

Anyways, I am trying to run my Eonon 7" headunit that runs on Android with it. I can get it to run well on WiFi, but that means I cannot hotspot the headunit for logging purposes while displaying (and recording) the RaceCapture App. When I setup the RaceCapture hardware for BlueTooth on the Eonon headunit, I see and can connect to the RaceCapture hardware in the BlueTooth app, but it does not ask for a passcode or anything, just says it's connected. Then in the RaceCapture app, it just says "Connecting" and never connects.

I tried also to use the USB connections from the headunit to the RaceCapture unit via the provided USB cable and selecting "USB OTG" when setting it up. No luck here either.

I see this has been a problem in the past for people with RaceCapture and other hardware they are looking to connect to an Eonon headunit, but I am curious if anyone has found a workaround besides WiFi?


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I remember the Eonon unit's bluetooth isn't compatible with the same bluetooth, but USB OTG *should* work.

You could try USB OTG on a different device, such as a Fire 8 tablet, as a comparison.

Here's a video we did with a different head unit: ... 773720377/

Thanks - let us know what you find out as you continue your testing.
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