Analogx Connection question

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Analogx Connection question

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I'm interested in connecting two Wideband O2 sensors to my Racecapture pro Mk3 so I can display A/F ratio for each bank of cylinders on my dash. I've already used up all 8 of my analog inputs on my Racecapture. I'm thinking I can use the Analogx to expand my available inputs and connect these two analog sensors into the Racecapture via CAN. So the question is...can I connect the AnalogX directly to the Racecapture? And if so, what cable do I use? Or do I need to use the 8 port Dual Can Bus Kit? In all the materials I see on the Autosport Labs website and Wiki I don't see where the Analogx is connected directly to the Racecapture. They only show the Analogx connected to the Dual Can Hub, and then from there to the Racecapture. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Analogx Connection question

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You understood correctly - for a 100% plug and play setup (no custom wiring / splicing / heat shrink / crimping / soldering) you would use a combination of AnalogX with the CAN hub, the blue RJ45 link cable between the hub and RaceCapture/Pro, and the CAN extension cables you want to use to connect AnalogX to the CAN hub.

You can non-plug-and-play custom-wire it directly to RaceCapture/Pro - just look at the pinout for RaceCapture/Pro, and the corresponding pinouts for AnalogX (all on the wiki) and make a custom cable to connect them to each other. You'll need to know what you're doing with wiring and the connections, naturally.

Hope this helps!