RC/T Mk2 very sporadic GPS performance

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RC/T Mk2 very sporadic GPS performance

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Most recent couple of events I get very poor lap time data. Sometimes I won't get lap time for half a dozen laps, then it will pick up and give me half a dozen laps in a row just fine. Sunny day, antenna in clear view of the sky (haven't moved it in a couple of years). Is my GPS antenna going bad or the RC/T Mk2 having issues? Is there a good way to debug this?

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Re: RC/T Mk2 very sporadic GPS performance

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Here's the guide for getting the best GPS data: https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/RaceCapture_GPS

Pay particular attention to the GPS statistics being reported; check that out for the data you were having problems with.

Note, It could be related to the app performance issues you were seeing on your android device - if there were issues getting the data from the RC device, then it would appear as if laps weren't being updated.

Also, it's possible the GPS antenna might be damaged - either the unit or the cable. You can get a replacement one from one of our preferred dealers.

Thanks - let us know what you find out
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