36-1 Electronic Trigger Wheel Emulation

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That is right, thanks for the correction. The EDIS is wired for a 36-1 wheel, sorry about the mistypes. Bruce Roe

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Re: 36-1 Electronic Trigger Wheel Emulation

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Hey guys haven't been on here in ages, and it's been almost as long since I played with ignitions & dynos :)

Here's my question, I'm needing to build a bench tester for six cylinder waste spark ignitions and I want to use the EDIS6 and a JimStim.

Does anyone have experience with this and have a schematic or wiring diagram to wire the two up? I know this is pretty fundamental, but I recall many years ago that I did this and ran into some issues. Just can't remember what they were.....

TIA as always!
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Re: 36-1 Electronic Trigger Wheel Emulation

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I created a bench tester that actually has a spinning 36-1 wheel. We don't have a use for it anymore, would you be interested in it?
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