Perhaps the ultimate DIY shift light!

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Perhaps the ultimate DIY shift light!

Post by brentp »

I ran across a quantity of high-brightness LED cluster modules, removed from a digital electronic sign. They're pretty neat, IMHO!

They are dual color- they feature a cluster of red and green/yellow high brightness LEDs.

The cluster is designed to run off of 12V directly, and has 3 wires coming out: white is +12v, red is ground for the RED cluster, and green is the ground for the green/yellow cluster.

It almost seems as if it was designed for the MJLJ- you just wire the white lead to 12V and send the ground connections to the MJLJ shift light/user output.

Possible uses, depending how you configure the user outputs:

1. Make a 2 stage shift light- have one color driven by the shift light output, and use one of the user outputs configured as "RPM" for the other color.

2. for turbo applications: use one color for 'shift' and the other color for "overboost" or "peak boost" warning (that's what I'll be doing!)

The unit is about 1" (25mm) across, and has a center mounting bolt on the rear. They are in used condition and may be a bit dirty or scuffed up. They will be tested before being sent out.

See the attached pictures!

I'll be making these available for $5 USD in the online store store- for those of you in the UK/Europe who are interested, you might want to organize a group buy to save money on shipping.
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Post by fikus01 »

jsut to confirm if u had no other use for the programmable outputs u could have 1 come on green at 3k rpm, another at 4k, then 5k and 6k then have them all turn red at 7k rpm for shift light!

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Post by brentp »

You can absolutely do that with separate LEDs. With this LED cluster you can turn on the cluster of yellow/green LEDs, the RED cluster, or both simultaneously.
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Post by hammy »


I've made my shift light from an LED torch off Ebay - very cheap.

I took two leds out and replaced them with a single red and green LED. I then cut the back of the ciruit board about to bring out wires for the green ,white, and red LEDS. I now have a 3 stage shift light.

for good measure I also connected the Red lamp to the remaining programmble output, inverted and set to 500 rpm. When I then turn the ignition on the red LED glows and then goes out when the eniging fires -gives me a comfort factor that MJ is actually working!

I'll be posting to the "success stories bit soon"
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Post by DannyP »

I don't know if I want one or not, but cool find, Brent!

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Post by brentp »

At this price, how can you refuse? :D You just need a place on the dash to mount it.

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user outputs??

Post by capri_v6 »

are the user outputs a positive feed or neg?? or can they be changed?
ordered one anyway even if i dont use it :P

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Post by brentp »

The user outputs on the Megajolt switch ground- so yes, it will work perfectly with this shift light!

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Screw Size?

Post by derbybrit1 »

I've got a question about the back mounting. Is the screw required an American machine screw? What size?

Also, an earlier post said they were used, but the ones I received appear to be new-in-the-bag spares?

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