We completed the ChumpCar 24 hour race! Pics and Video!

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We completed the ChumpCar 24 hour race! Pics and Video!

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This weekend we competed in and finished the inaugural ChumpCar 24 hour endurance race!

The whole 24 hours were filled with the unexpected, and our team performed amazingly well, adapting to anything that was thrown at them. Our shining moment was in our 6th hour, where we had an off-course excursion (caught by our video!)- it dropped us from 7th to 29th. After an hour+ repair we got back on track and clawed our way back to 7th overall!



See the report and more pics here!

See our Scrapes and Spins video here!

Thanks to our capable support staff and especially our guest from the Great White North- Anthony Kalcounis, Harry Taylor and Bob Taylor of GiantKillerRacing a Megajolt user and a sponsored team.

The team that made it possible:
Kelley Picasso - Crew Chief and Autosport Labs Chief Operating Officer
Scott Miller - Driver - Autosport Labs VP of Sales and Business Development
Karina Miller - Crew
John Kimball - Driver - http://www.johnkimballracing.com
Laura Kimball - Crew
Sean Green - Driver
Brianne Green - Crew
Drew Hanft - Driver
Kim Hanft - Crew
Anthony Kalcounis - Driver - http://www.giantkillerracing.com
Harry Taylor - Crew and Race Engineer
Bob Taylor - Crew
Doug Chase - Guest and Crew - http://www.chaserace.com
Brett Dodson - Guest
Brent Picasso
CEO and Founder, Autosport Labs
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