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Logging/Analysis for RaceCapture Pro
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Post Logging/Analysis for RaceCapture Pro 
I have a RaceCapture Pro mk2 with RaceCapture/App 1.9.0

I finally got it installed last weekend but I am having trouble analyzing data...

My first problem is that I can't run the app on my laptop because it requires OpenGL that isn't available for the graphics drivers on windows 10... I pulled the SD card out of my RCP and can see the files RC_# from that.

I setup a script to turn logging on/off when the car is running at speed. I also put an RPM filter in (like the example on the examples page), and that increases the tick rate to 10.

When I import the logs into the RaceCapture 1.9.0 on my desktop (off the SD card), it shows sessions and lets me select which sensors I want to graph, but nothing shows and it seems to think I haven't selected any sessions even when I have (I've tried every combination of 1 session/lap, 1 session/multiple laps, multiple sessions/laps, etc.).

The logs look odd because I want to see RPM, Coolant temp, speed, etc., but there only seems to be coolant values every 25 lines (it is just ,,,, for those columns 24/25 lines).
Do the frequencies of all the sensors need to be set to the same value for logs/analysis to work right? I've got coolant on 1 hz, RPM on 10, GPS on 25...

A friend that has an RCPmk2 was able to import and analyze his logs (after renaming several sensors in the file that had special chars in the names like a space or slash).

At the track, using the same laptop for 2 different data loggers seemed to confuse RaceCapture since it listed sensors from both boxes when they were different (his Air Fuel Mixture was named Air/Fuel, mine AFM, but both showed in the analysis section). We never got analysis to work at the track.

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I was able to upload the a file to and view the data online.

That means it did log valid data, so I guess my problems are due to bugs in RaceCapture/App 1.9.0...

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Hi, when you logged data, did it also record laps?

After importing into the app, did you get a session that you can load into the main view? Did it show laps, or just one lap with "-----.---" ?

If you'd like, you can also upload your log for us to check out as well.


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I am also facing same problem no graph in analysis window when I open log file. Might be some bug in 1.9.0 version app.

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