Installation question

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Installation question

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So I'm looking at wiring the shiftX2 to my RCPMK3. The shift light is going to be mounted to the dash (duh) and the RCP unit is behind the seats in the car.

My thought is to get some CAT5 cable and solder that to the pigtail on the SX2 and then on the other end wire directly into the CAN bus connections on the front of the RCP unit, and tap the same power and ground wires that my RCP is hardwired into.

So my questions are:
1 - Will CAT5 cable work?
2 - I'm currently using the ODB2 to CAN connector to read CAN data, can I have CAN on both the RJ45 plug and the bare wires on the RCP unit?
EDIT: 3 - Should I be snipping the CAN bus termination jumper or not?

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CAT5 cable is the oldest and slowest UTP cable. Now these cables are not available in the stores, but are available with older router or any older networking device.

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