Data oddities

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Data oddities

Post by TimIrwin »

After a Track Night in America at Pacific Raceways last night, I'm seeing good data for laps 1-3, then a 7 minute lap for lap 4, then a lap 5 back to normal time. I see this fairly regularly, mostly good data with one bit that's really wacky. GPS is set to 25 hz, but I didn't see any significant dips in reception quality. The unit is mounted in the center console of a Miata with hard dog rollbar and hardtop.

The log file is too big to attach in the forum (left it in Dashboard mode after I got off the track), so it's at!AnW_5zGbDW54h5MnUbqyGJ2DcWybBQ.
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Post by brentp »

I think what might've happened is that GPS drifted and it missed the start finish line once or twice.

Pacific Raceways has some seriously crazy terrain and it's amazing GPS even works down back side of the track. I'd recommend keeping GPS at 10Hz for best performance / accuracy. More info here:
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