Connections and wiring

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Connections and wiring

Post by Vrushabh »

The ADR2 and ADR1 pin on the analogx adds base to the CAN ID. So if I want to connect 3 AnalogX on the same CAN bus, supposedly CAN1 then what should be the configuration of the ADR2 and ADR1 jumper on all three AnalogX? Should the configuration of all three analogx be ADR2 jumper open and ADR1 jumper closed as given in the table or will each analogx have different configuration?

Also once the three analogx are on the same CAN do I short all the CANH wires and all the CANL wires and then put it in the RCP CANH and CANL through the molex connector?

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Post by brentp »

Each analogX needs a different jumper combination so they broadcast on different addresses.

The first can be factory default, and the other two can have different jumper combinations as you see fit.
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