AIM Bridge with Podium Connect

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AIM Bridge with Podium Connect

Post by bmm »

I have my Podium connect connected to an AIM ECU Bridge. Only value coming through on the AIM Preset Mapping is RPM. Any idea if the AIM ECU Bridge is a different mapping or if my problem lies elsewhere? I run the LUA script to output the CAN bus. Appears to have data coming in, but the CAN light is solid and not blinking.


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Hi Brian,

The default mapping brings in the standard SmartyCam channels; so anything you setup under the smarty cam presets should show up under those channels.

If you have a RS3 compatible AIM device, you can also define channels for broadcast on the auxiliary CAN bus, which you can connect to CAN2 of PodiumConnect. Each of these channels will need to be individually mapped.

We have a guide on how to do that here:

If the CAN is receiving much data, then it may light up solid (blinking faster than you can see)

Hope this helps, let us know how things go!
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