AP2 s2000 individual wheel speed

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AP2 s2000 individual wheel speed

Post by carlos88 »

Does anybody here have an AP2 S2000? The 2008-2009 model came with a MK60 ABS unit and so does the E46 BMW. I see the presets on the BMW have individual wheel speed. Im thinking the can data could be the same from the abs unit?

Can anybody with the 08-09 S2000 try to upload the 4 wheel speed channels from the bmw and see if they work? Or share this on facebook groups that may have potential Race Capture users.

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Post by brentp »

Best option is to search the S2000 forums to see if anyone is doing research on this CAN mapping. If you find some information, we can help you set up a CAN mapping in your system to test.

Let us know what you find out!

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