Data Export and Conversion - .sq3 not user friendly

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Data Export and Conversion - .sq3 not user friendly

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I have exported the datastore.sq3 file to my SD card (also interested in where to edit settings to set SD card as default write directory) but my more immediate issue is that the .sq3 file type is not very common. RaceRender doesnt recognize it and i have tried a half dozen or more SQL conversion tools and none can translate .sq3

I want a CSV file or otherwise so i can review my sessions outside of the RaceCapture app.

I'm not married to RaceRender, if there is another program that can handle/chart the data and ideally also integrate with video that would be most helpful.

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Post by Sawdust »

A guide for using RCP and RaceRender is in the wiki: ... nder_Guide

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To export a CSV file, just go into analysis, then view your sessions, then use the export button for that session. That will let you save a CSV file.

The .sq3 file is the raw database file that the app uses, FYI.

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